No Jack can be a dull boy at GadflyZone!

My life has been a perfect medley of work and play, since my day one @ GadflyZone in February 2017. The co-founders, Guna & Bala, have painstakingly set up the company to be capable of running a long marathon and not sputter after a short sprint. And what keeps us Gadflys going on like energizer bunnies? Our secret to achieving the elusive perfect work-play balance? You’d have to be a Gadfly to experience that! The secret-sauce - approach - is hands on and experience driven, akin to teaching a person how to fish! And learning to fish from the co-founders has been the most rewarding experience so far! I am sure it will be the same for Shubhangi, our newest Gadfly joining us as an Associate Solution Analyst.

Shubhangi is a Material Sciences graduate from UPES, Dehradun - a swell location!. She also pursued one semester as an exchange student at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia where she worked in the Nanotechnology and Organic Chemistry Technology labs as a researcher. A perfect potpourri of business acumen - from handling her father’s business - and technical aptitude, Shubhangi brings a unique balance to the team.

Besides deep knowledge, her fascination with sports, language and travel puts her with a bang on the Gadfly map! Apart from winning multiple prizes in Shot Put & Volleyball, Shubhangi also has working knowledge of Russian and French. An accomplished organizer, Shubhangi has held several positions including being the General secretary of Indian Institute of Metals - UPES. Now that’s quite a list there! But there’s more! She finds her inner peace on treks, and her philanthropic side has her drawn to teaching kids who do not have access to proper schooling.

But then, of course, it's A.R. Rahman and Kishore Da that keep her going all day long. And, now comes to the clincher, her food enthusiasm resonates almost perfectly with many of the Gadflys (me, for sure!). And, we are excited to have a new partner in our foodie adventures.

We all are super thrilled to have Shubhangi with us on the team and look forward to working with her. Her knowledge in material science with nanotechnology specialization is going to add a new tool set to the already versatile tool-kit we have built at GadflyZone!

Welcome, once again, Shubhangi!