Reflections from year 1…

365 days

365 days and counting. That’s the number of days I’ve completed at GadflyZone. To summarize the “minutes” of my experience would require more than 525600 adjectives (an adjective a minute for a year!). Indeed, it has been fast paced. The interplay among various factors of my work-life - learning, value addition, team camaraderie, customer deliverables, fun - couldn’t be better. On some days, the hours are long, then there are others, where I get to run distances proportionate to those hours spent working towards customer deliverables. When the mind is happy and purposeful, work is fun and productivity is at its peak.

Working in a startup environment has provided me with the excitement that I had hoped for - right from day 1. Facing challenging yet doable tasks - that directly impact customers - provides the right mix of motivation and thrill to us Gadflys. The pressures of the challenges have not prevented the team from dancing through their days jovially - literally with zumba and bharatanatyam, or figuratively through the projects. Helping each other, and being around each other are fun multipliers.