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CannaParent Outgrow the Child?

CBG or Cannabigerol is gaining popularity in Personal Care for its antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic benefits.

It is known as the ‘Mother of all Cannabinoids’ or the ‘Stem Cell of Cannabinoids’ as it is the precursor to both the CBD and THC cannabinoids. Hence, CBG is believed to be more potent than CBD.

CBG is a rare and minor cannabinoid because it mostly gets converted to other cannabinoids and is thus not abundantly available. Hence, manufacturers are rushing to create innovative technologies that can help extract ultra-pure CBG.

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Skip the Maskne, not the Mask

Maskne and all the trends associated with it are here to stay

“The new norm” - a popular phrase this year - has left people working from home, baking sourdough bread, greeting with a bow or an elbow bump, sanitizing, and wearing masks all year long. Joining the bandwagon and popularized in the skincare realm, is the term Maskne. This striking addition to 2020’s coronavirus lexicon has forced brands to adapt quickly to changing consumer needs.

The urgency of this need rose as images of frontline medics with red, irritated skin filled our newsfeed. Maskne creates a need for caring for and treating acne triggered on facial skin due to continuous usage of face protective masks.

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Keep Calm and Wash your Hands

Trends leading to premiumization of hand care

This present-day mantra should resonate with all of us. Experts advise spending a minimum of 20 seconds scrubbing your hands to effectively clean them. We are also advised to carry around hand sanitizers to use immediately after contact with external objects. It is time to look at how this new norm has affected the hand care segment.

The hand care segment’s future trajectory is familiar. We have already seen these drivers and trends in face care and product concepts are readily available.

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The Corona Effect - Part 2 of 2

Changes in, Applications, trends, ingredients, retail, marketing, and the supply chain

As we attempt to power through the second half of 2020, analysts around the world are scrambling to comprehend the market and make predictions that are based on the most uncertain and volatile market disruptor in decades - the progress of a global pandemic.

In Part 2 of this blog, The Corona Effect, we explore the different characteristics of the personal care industry that have evolved or are expected to make headway owing to the key market drivers - Safety, Longevity, Hygiene, Sustainability, and Holistic Wellness which were identified in Part 1 of the blog.

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The Corona Effect - Part 1 of 2

Pandemic. Lockdown. Quarantine. Unprecedented.

These words are slowly being replaced with the much anticipated magic words such as recovery, new normal, and bounce back. As parts of the world return to their new normal, the time is right to dissect the present status and analyze the future of personal care to comprehend the changing market dynamics.

In this two-part series, GadflyZone looks into the different aspects of the market to understand the key drivers and evolving trends. Part 1 focuses on ​The Indisputable, The Unexpected & The Disruptive​ elements of The Corona Effect on Personal Care.

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