Up & running

We zeroed in on the problem, and solved it well for a customer. We then formed the company and launched our website. We set up our office in Bangalore, presented at conferences and signed up to solve more for our customers!

Today, we are excited to announce a significant milestone. I’m delighted to welcome the newest member of GadflyZone, here at Bangalore, Varsha Shankar. Varsha has just finished her stint as researcher in brain network analysis at the biomedical imaging lab, after completing her Master's in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania. She joins us as a data sciences engineer, and is revving to use her machine learning, pattern mining and data visualization wizadry to solve key big-data problems. Varsha is a gold medalist Computer Science Engineer from the Delhi College of Engineering, and has spent a few years at Yahoo! Bangalore before her Masters.

A person's hobbies speak volumes about their personality and passion. As Varsha and I shared tidbits on our pursuits outside of work, we discovered a promising breeding ground of creativity in her. Varsha is an avid reader, music and nature lover, fledgling writer, hiker, biker, adventurer and crocheter. Her latest endeavours include a stuffed crochet penguin (see pic!), mixed martial arts style workouts and promising to learn to drive...someday.

As I welcome Varsha, I am confident that we have found a person who shares our enthusiasm of vaulting over fences of strategic decision making in the industrial sector, someone who believes in autonomy, mastery & purpose as key motivators, and someone who embraces our dream of adding significant value to our customers.