Looking back & forward

Little more than a year ago, Guna and I embarked on our exciting entrepreneurial journey. It’s been amazing building it from the ground up – fleshing out & validating the idea, setting up the company and its multinational structure, developing our algorithms, and working with our wonderful partners.

When we look back, we are thrilled with the progress. The most fulfilling aspect has been our raison d’etre, our amazing customers, who believe in our vision, strategy and the team. They are as excited about our solution, its novelty, and the value being added.

And when we look ahead, we are fired up about the opportunity. It is not a straight road. It may not even be a paved one. However, we have a growing team, which is excited about creating a path where one doesn't exist. We get super excited as new gadflys join us! Folks who are passionate about making an impact, and will lead this incredible experience. The name of our company came about from the word “gadfly”, of Socrates fame, referring to someone who asks tough and unconventional questions to large societies, that leads to the truth and right action.

We’d like to welcome our newest gadfly, Anshu Dixit - a domain expert in carbon fiber composites, performance materials, chemicals, textiles, and their applications. Anshu, who joins us as a Solution Architect, is passionate about working closely with our customers, to constantly define and refine our solution, to achieve their goals. Apart from thirteen years in various technology, marketing & strategy roles at ILC Dover, Anshu has also served as Management Consultant at the National Institute of Health. She has an MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and MS from North Carolina State University. Anshu will be based in Annapolis, Maryland.

It has been, and continues to be, a fun, eventful and rewarding journey. We are very inspired by our purpose to ensure that our customers win in developing the right segmentation and marketing strategies – for their products, markets & applications.