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Established in 2014, GadflyZone Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in the Greater Chicago area, with its India Centre in Bangalore.

The name of the company came about from the word “gadfly”, of Socrates fame, referring to someone who asks tough and unconventional questions to large societies, that leads to the truth and right action. GadflyZone aspires to use data to do the same for industrial enterprises.


Guna Pemmaraju


In his career spanning 20 years, Guna held several leadership roles in @WalmartLabs, Amazon and i2. Apart from spearheading large business initiatives, his focus has been in using data, and technology, to optimize decision making in the areas of finance, supply chain planning and eCommerce. He started his career in the finance industry with Citibank, and then the Treasury of ICICI - where he developed statistical models, hedging strategies and risk management systems. Guna is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and his undergraduate degree is from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Guna fundamentally believes that the real big leap for data is towards strategy. When not springing on this “leap”, he can be found playing a few rounds of bridge in the Bangalore leagues.

Bala Ambravan


Bala’s entire career of 20 years has been with the chemicals and plastics industry, at GE Plastics and SABIC, in marketing, product management and R&D leadership roles. He led the development, growth and diversification strategies of specialty products in multiple applications. Being a big believer in direct value creation, Bala's approach to growth blends marketing, product lifecycle management and pricing strategies, with disciplined investment. Bala is a Purdue University alumnus with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and a Masters in Applied Mathematics, and his undergraduate degree is from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Bala fundamentally believes that the next revolution is the use of data sciences in industrial products. Among these “industrious” efforts, Bala tries to be outdoors in the Greater Chicago park trails.

Aparna Muralidaren

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Aparna is a graduate of the Masters program in Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and a medal winner for best academic record. Her research focus at school was thermostatic property estimation of pure substances. She has rich chemicals experience from her time at the British Oxygen Company India Ltd. and as a chemical engineer trained at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Aparna flexes her domain expertise to sharpen GadflyZone algorithms and techniques, and comprehensively partners in building solutions for customers

Aparna’s passions in life extend to a multitude of avenues. She is a trained classical dancer, a Carnatic vocalist in training, a travel enthusiast and a big fan of detective fiction (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dame Agatha Christie are her favourites). In the near future, she hopes to indulge the latest in her list of hobbies, photography, and to sponsor education for the needy.

Vaishali Mishra

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Vaishali has close to five years of deep Chemical Industry work experience prior to joining GadflyZone. Most recently she was a Scientist-Chemist at Haliburton Technology, where she designed and developed low density cements and resin composite for plug and abandonment applications - helping them attain better mechanical properties as compared to existing market solutions. Vaishali's other major inventions include development of a polymer capable of swelling in acidic environment such as H2S & CO2; and development of a cement additive that allows it to be placed in deep wells by gaining early compressive strength.

Vaishali's Bachelors degree is in Polymer Engineering from Pune University, and her Master's is in Polymer Science & Technology from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (UDCT), where she stood 2nd in the University.

Vaishali unwinds by reading fiction - Danielle Steel, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, Jeffery Archer & John Grisham being among her favourites. She also loves travelling, as meeting new people and visiting new places fascinates her. Vaishali is working on her goal of travelling across the globe, and she is checking items off her list at a pretty good pace.

Prasana Raja Bhaskar

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Prasana is a versatile Chemical Engineer with experience in Oil & Gas, Vision Care, and Pharmaceuticals sectors. His Masters degrees include – Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, Project Management from Harrisburg University & Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from BITS-Pilani India. His thesis work at Oklahoma State University was on Designing Axial Flow Bioreactors for Tissue Regeneration, which led to publications in a couple of Biomedical Engineering Journals.

When not busy with accumulating degrees or solving engineering problems, his chess addiction helps him resolve conundrums of a different genre. He is also a person who can lose himself during a swim. He loves to explore new places and meet new people. He enjoys cricket, and competes with the wife in Racquetball! He does have a ball with sports!

Ashly Koshy

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After her graduation from NIT Calicut with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Ashly pursued her passion by joining Amec Foster Wheeler as a process engineer. Ashly’s work ethic, along with her eagerness to learn new techniques, gave her the opportunity to rise quickly at Amec Foster Wheeler. She was the youngest person in their India business development division. Ashly is eager to apply her knowledge and energy to drive innovative and market ready solutions to GadflyZone’s customers.

In addition to being a full time engineer, Ashly, an accomplished chess player, is the go to person for restaurant or menu suggestions. Her passion to curl up with a classic novel is only surpassed by her love of munching on a cheesy french dish.

Meena Ramani

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Meena is a Chemical Engineering graduate with software engineering experience, and an active interest in process modelling and simulation. She brings in rich experience from her internships at Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (API plant) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation.

Meena completed her Masters from the University of Leeds, UK, where her research was focused on synthesizing inorganic biomarkers. Her passion for chemical engineering, combined with her rich experience, bring in serious value to our solutions, especially in pharmaceutical and API segments.

Meena is an avid writer and focuses on short stories in the fantasy fiction genre. She could curl up with a pile of Neil Gaiman books and be lost in space and time. When she is not synthesizing biomarkers, she is working towards her life goal of winning the prestigious Man Booker prize!

Manas Sharma

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Manas has an integrated masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath, UK. Mathematical side of chemical engineering interest him the most. Working on projects such as developing mathematical models for enzymatic biofuel cells that could be used to power a pacemaker, and working on PID controllers for reactors, excite him. He is fascinated by the applications of bio-reactors in making water treatment processes lot more compact and efficient. Manas is also drawn to the environmental side of chemical engineering, with applications in WtE (waste to energy) and water footprint of various products. 

Post his engineering, he decided to go back to the school he studied at for 12 years, and teach there! After this teaching stint, Manas worked at an up-stream oil and gas company that catered to detailed design of FPSOs (Flotation Production Storage Offloading) vessels.

Manas is super passionate about photography, trekking, cycling (his primary mode of transport for the last 3 years), running and playing football. He is always on the look-out to travel, be it the Himalayas or some place over a weekend. Weekends are often spent on the saddle, cycling around Bangalore, running, spending time with friends at places that serve fermented beverages, or exploring parts of Bangalore with his camera. 

Vasudharini S V

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Vasudharini, aka Dharini, completed her Master’s program in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Madras. And, she's been a medal winner for her outstanding academic record during her Masters program from the institute.

After graduation, Dharini was at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur for couple years as a researcher, working extensively on modeling and simulation projects on microwave heating - which coincidentally happened to be her Master’s thesis topic. While at Tata Steel, Dharini also published a paper on prediction of carbonization times in coke ovens.

In addition to her academic laurels, Dharini is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic singer. Interestingly, Dharini is working towards an ambitious life time goal of learning as many classical dance forms as possible! Her latest form of dance to be crossed off from that list is Kathak. Her other pastimes include, binge watching films and getting engrossed in thriller/detective genre based novels.

Sankara Narayanan

Finance & Control - India

Shankar began his journey with Ujwal in 1997, and has been devoted to understanding the customer and delivering exactly what they require. Shankar joined the finance team at Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited in 2000-01 where he single-handedly ran the accounting setup of Aztec's wholly-owned subsidiary in the US, Aztec Software, Inc. Shankar moved back to Ujwal in 2003.

At GadflyZone, Shankar runs all of Finance & Control for the India subsidiary, on behalf of Ujwal, and has helped the team in setting up the right processes and financial discipline. An amazing business leader, Shankar runs a tight ship apart from ensuring compliance on all the regulatory requirements.

A movie lover, and keen follower of sports and news, Shankar keeps track of the current affairs in an unbiased manner. And is always ready for a quick chat on any topic, over a mug of his favorite green tea.

Keith Smith


Mr. Keith Smith, most recently, was the Executive Vice President of Innovative Plastics, a business unit of Saudi Basic Industries Corporate (SABIC). Prior to his current role, Mr. Smith had been with DuPont since 1980. His most recent position with DuPont was Vice President, Sourcing and Logistics & Chief Procurement Officer, Wilmington, Delaware. Prior to this, he was Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Engineering Polymers, Wilmington, Delaware; Global Marketing, Sales and Development Director, DuPont Engineering Polymers, Geneva, Switzerland; and held other managerial and professional positions in TiO2, Advanced Fibers, Industrial Chemicals, Sales, Corporate Strategic Development and Research & Technology.

Mr. Smith is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering.

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